Blackberry Cheesecake Raw Brownies


Raw chewy chocolate brownie base topped with a creamy Coyo based vanilla “cheesecake” topping swirled with homemade blackberry jam! It’s officially blackberry picking season! Not that I’ll be partaking, I’ve had my fair share of purple stained finger tips and blackberry thorn bush scratches and scrapes, enough to last me a lifetime. I’ll quite happily […]

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Finally official…chocolate soufflé omelet!


A thick fluffy pillowy chocolate soufflé omelet…a chocolate lovers dream! I’ve post this recipe on Instagram on more than one occasion and it always get’s full traction. I play around with the egg to egg white ratio a fair bit, the amount of cacao powder and the method of cooking. I thought I’d speed up […]

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Protein Peanut Butter Cups


Smooth silky dark chocolate with a fudgy protein rich peanut butter centre. I love me a nut butter cup. What’s not to love? Nut butter, chocolate, all in one bite. What I really love is the crisp edges of the chocolate cup having solidified in my silicone muffin liners. So blooming awesome! I made use […]

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Distracted…Salted Caramel Coyo Snickers Cheesecake


A thick creamy indulgent dairy free cheesecake made with a heck of a lot of Coyo…a salted caramel filling, vanilla cream topping and a generous layer of caramel on top, sprinkled with dark chocolate chunks and salted peanuts for a final crunch. The whole lot encased in a baked nutty dark chocolate case. Heaven in […]

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Prawn and Rice Fish Cakes


These prawn and rice fish cakes are almost too simple to make…blend, mix, fry, eat…with minimal ingredients! So tasty and a super duper alternative way to load up on the carbs! I love me a good fish cake….but until now I’ve kept them grain free. On my high carb days (yes it’s now plural) I […]

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