A lazy tropical afternoon


[donotprint]The weather called for nothing more than lazying about in tracksuit bottoms this afternoon. The kiddies are all back to school next week which usually prompts the sun to come out so fingers crossed! I spent the afternoon with my gorgeous little niece painting, colouring and playdoughing. She’s such a little chatter box it’s hard […]

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Blueberry Bash


[donotprint]I awoke to the sound of torrential rain this morning at 8am (later than my usual 5.30am start as I’m off work this week :)) and after about 30minutes of dozing I jumped out of bed and completed a 50 minute complete Pilates body workout thanks to my trusty at home Pilates DVDs. (I actually […]

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Foodie Presents


I love getting presents and I’m the easiest person in the world to buy for (these days anyway!) My mum and dad are arrived back from Croatia today and brought me back some foodie presents which I can’t wait to try. Anything new and different, especially if you can’t get it here always appeals to […]

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Spot of Baking


[donotprint] After my distressing night last night (a tad melodramtic perhaps now when I put it all in to perspective!), and my celebratory breakfast this morning I decided what better way to make the most of my day off work than with a spot of baking! I’m still becoming acquainted with this “wheat and dairy […]

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