Hunky Raw Tiffins

Super Hunky Tiffins (19)

The ultimate homemade valentines day gift…be it to yourself, a friend or lover! Loaded with super food goodness, it’s chocolate you can truly feel good about nibbling on. With Valentines Day just around the corner I feel it’s my duty to come up with some chocolate based recipes for you guys! Ok so I’ll take […]

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Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (2)

Straight from the jar, a ripe pear for dipping, drizzled over pancakes…super drippy chocolate hazelnut butter. A childhood favourite made healthy. I’ve been on a homemade nut butter kick over the past couple of weeks. This one was by favourite the most decadent…who could say no to a spoonful of dreamy chocolate hazelnut butter? Roasted […]

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A cheese board in my pasta

[donotprint] Ok so it wasn’t quite a complete cheese board in my pasta, I was missing the grapes and a couple of other varieties of cheese but it was well on it’s way and contained all of my favourite elements. Pear, Blue Cheese, Toasted Walnuts…All mixed up with fresh rocket, crispy sage and balsamic and […]

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