Carrot Fries Three Ways


Roasted Carrot Fries for every palate..sweet, spicy and plain straight up salted and savoury! Like I said…I’ve recently discovered carrots like I never knew them before. I simply can’t get enough and I’m literally eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes dessert or a sweet snack. By sweet I don’t mean the natural vegetable […]

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Coconut Bliss Bites


Just like it says in the title…coconut, pecans, dates…no baking with optional chocolate drizzle! These no cease to exist. I pretty much ate them singlehandedly apart from a couple which my dad partook in. I’m still making up for my lack of coconut loving as a child, sprinkling it on everything that comes my way […]

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Back to Basics – 7 Tips for Perfect Kale Chips


A daily staple…crispy baked, slightly spicy, kinda cheesy, salty, crunchy, crispy, super duper healthy kale chips! They’re the veggie chip that everyone should have in their lives. I top off my dinner most days with a mound of them. Once the oven is on I simply turn it down a notch (or two!) and stick […]

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Healthy Any Time Muffins

Pear Chocolate Hazelnut Muffins (22)

Light moist gluten free muffins laced with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate chips. Working as a nutritional health coach I meet with people from all walks of life with a diverse range of dietary needs and requirements.   More often than not the biggest hurdle people face when it comes to eliminating the major game players, […]

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Blueberry Muffin Tuesdays

Blueberry Muffins (35)

Blueberry muffins..but not your usual blueberry muffin! Almond butter blueberry jam filled (gluten free) muffins! When I was younger, still wearing a school uniform younger, I used to love Tuesdays. Tuesdays that ended with me not having to go to school. I was never a big school fan, especially before I hit my teens and […]

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