Mushroom Oat Risotto…Grains After 3 Years!


Creamy oat risotto with mushrooms and roast hazelnuts made dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly. I created this specifically for Pulsin as they are sponsoring Vegan January (Veganuary) but I feel head over heels in love with it! Because I’m just oat mad… I love any excuse to eat oatmeal pretty much all day […]

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Tofu Goujons


Soft tender tofu baked with a crispy grain free almond, coconut and sesame seed crust! Chicken tenders, cod goujons…really it’s all about a tasty coating and a tender filling. When I saw Sonia’s chicken fingers with grain free crust I instantly wanted to give them a whirl. Rather than making a beeline for the chicken […]

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Cheesy “Nachos”


Super “cheesy” nachos complete with chunks of avocado. I’ve been eating an avocado a day…and boy is my skin thanking me for it! I suffer with a little psoriasis here and there, usually just on my hands and it’s cleared up completely since I started indulging in copious amounts of super ripe melt in the […]

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Bangers and Mash!


A super tasty twist on bangers and mash…meatless, vegan friendly and gluten free! Parsnip, sundried tomato and herb “sausages” on a bed of creamy cauliflower mash! Simply divine! Sausages and mash…it was one of the weekly meals on rotation in our household when I was a kid. Sausages were of the chicken variety…and even they […]

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Chickpea Masala

Chickpea Masala (31)

A quick and easy weeknight meal…with a sweet mango twist! Usually it’s the sweet recipes I make three times over in an effort to get some decent snaps and perfect the recipe.   Well let me tell you I ate Chickpea Masala for a fair few nights running with an interim break before hitting it […]

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