Why did I wait so long to try them!

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[donotprint]Fresh Figs!!!! I finally got around to buying and trying them. My excuses for having not tried them until now include: They aren’t too easy to come by When they feature on restaurant menus they usually are accompanied by some form of meat The price of them! Loved them isn’t the word. Combined with walnuts, […]

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Comfort Food


[donotprint]I required warming comfort food tonight for dinner. I had yearning for burgers and fries, of the vegan and healthy variety of course, though the rest of my fresh buffalo mozzarella melted on top took them from fully vegan to vegetarian in an instant! It was a great way to make use of my new […]

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Making the most of it


Never one to be deterred by the weather the hike went ahead despite the wind, rain and general miserableness of the elements. I was surprised my parents decided to stick to their guns as my mum in particular is known for being a bit of a “fair weather walker”. Well wrapped up and happy to […]

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