“Healthified” Vegan Burgers and Fries


[donotprint]Saturday night called for some “junk” style food, though what I ended up with was far from junk food! Ever since seeing Julie’s green bean fries I have be hankering to try them and tonight, coupled with my Vegan Bean Burgers and aubergine fries a la Chelsey and a homemade quick and easy tomato sauce, […]

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Movie munchie success


[donotprint]The homemade granola went down a treat, I was only sorry I hadn’t made a heap more! It more than gives popcorn a run for it’s money as a cinema snack. It’s a clear winner in my books! The inbetweeners was hilarious, more cringe worthy than I could have imagined or could have hoped for. […]

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Cinema-mon Granola


So my much anticipated Vegan Peachy Pancakes didn’t were a complete disaster turn out so well but luckily enough I had the perfect back up snack to curb my craving for something fruity and sweet – two of my Blueberry Muffins. My failed Peachy Pancakes started out so well…and I’m far from giving up. I’m […]

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