Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bites


Chewy wholesome homemade chocolate almond butter protein bites! These little nuggets are a meal prep must, a sweet tooth craving saviour, and loved by kids and adults alike. You’ll kill many birds with one stone by whipping up a batch or two. You can add some mint extract if you fancy switching up the flavour […]

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Fudgy Paleo Chocolate Truffle Brownies


Super rich dark chocolate fudgy brownies with a monumental amount of chocolate chips and a chocolate truffle topping. DIVINE! These are dessert brownies…some slightly healthier versions I would consider to be snack material. If you make these with stevia you can keep them pretty low carb and actually all round they’re pretty darn healthy, they […]

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Fudgy Almond Butter Brownies


Fudgy lightly chewy deeply chocolaty refined sugar, grain, dairy and egg free brownies…heaven in a bite! These babies are not only dairy and grain free they’re also egg free! Sweetened with a mixture of dates and a little stevia (with some alternative options provided) these brownies are as healthy as they come. almond butter based, […]

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Paleo Chocolate Almond Butter Pannacotta


Dairy free thick rich positively dreamy chocolate almond butter pannacotta…I just really just give you the recipe but I feel the need to sing it’s praises some more… Chocolate  coconut chocolate mousse is delicious, smooth chocolate chia protein pudding is mighty…   Chocolate almond butter pannacotta provides a whole new level of crazy chocolate goodness! […]

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When in doubt…make chocolate protein bars!


Chewy hunky cacao nib almond butter protein bars!!! INCREDIBLY satisfying, they’re the perfect post workout snack when you’re on the move! I’ve been in a bit of a recipe/food rut. I’ve been making, creating and baking, but nothing is really screaming at me. When I create something exciting I get those butterflies, the excitement of […]

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