Loaded Mackerel & Egg Salad


Mackerel, egg, fennel, apple….it’s the mackerel salad that’s got it all. Heaps of texture, complimentary yet contrasting flavours, one might bowl of deliciousness. I’m a mayo laced salad lover. Homemade mayo but of course…from tuna, to salmon to egg… this mackerel tops the list. Loaded with both egg and lots of meaty mackerel, it’s incredibly […]

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Summer Gravlax Salad


Fresh crunchy creamy lightly sweet, savoury and salty, loaded with greens and laced with homemade gravlax. A few flax crackers crumbled over the top add a beautiful toasted seeded crunch. With a whole load of homemade gravlax on hand I figured I should put some of it to blog post worthy/recipe use. I happily devoured […]

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Deep Dish Caramel Apple Paleo “Cheesecake”


Creamy deep dish “cheesecake” topped with buttery soft cinnamon laced apples, coconut caramel and a pecan date crumble. Possibly one the best desserts I’ve ever made!? Chocolate desserts are what I’m drawn to, they’re what I want to make, eat, photo, share with the world! The exception being cheesecake…of the cheese-less variety!!! Of all the […]

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Cold Pork Roast…Waldorf Revitalised!


Beautiful pork roast with an apricot, mustard and thyme paste…the perfect topping for a crisp Autumn Waldorf salad! I LOVE pork! Up until last week I’d only tried pork bacon, pork belly and of course pork tenderloin…ok so quite a lot of pork! But I’d never cooked a large piece of pork. Whenever I’ve made […]

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Seasonal Pork Chops!


Caramalised pork chops with a creamy mustard sauce laced with sautéed apples and onions! I love the combination of sweet and savoury food, none more so than fruit and meat. Of course pork and apple is a classic, one which I’ve never eaten before, let alone cooked. It’s another new meat adventure I’m going head […]

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