Lemon Quinoa Crunch Cheesecake


Disclaimer right from the outset…this is a cheesecake, it has cheese in it, yes real dairy cheese and no I haven’t lost my mind! I used to be such a big cream cheese and Greek yogurt fan, long before I was vegan, paleo and dairy free. These days I follow a much more flexible dieting […]

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Blackberry Cheesecake Raw Brownies


Raw chewy chocolate brownie base topped with a creamy Coyo based vanilla “cheesecake” topping swirled with homemade blackberry jam! It’s officially blackberry picking season! Not that I’ll be partaking, I’ve had my fair share of purple stained finger tips and blackberry thorn bush scratches and scrapes, enough to last me a lifetime. I’ll quite happily […]

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Distracted…Salted Caramel Coyo Snickers Cheesecake


A thick creamy indulgent dairy free cheesecake made with a heck of a lot of Coyo…a salted caramel filling, vanilla cream topping and a generous layer of caramel on top, sprinkled with dark chocolate chunks and salted peanuts for a final crunch. The whole lot encased in a baked nutty dark chocolate case. Heaven in […]

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Zingy Creamy Coconut Lemon Cheesecake


A super luscious zingy lemon cheesecake with a thick coconut baked grain free biscuit base and a generous spoonful of fresh lemon curd atop each slice. A dairy free cheesecake dream that actually was mistaken for a cheese laden cake by someone who usually partakes in the the real deal; an Italian no less! Lemon […]

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Creamy Baked Paleo Carrot Cake Cheesecakes

Mini Baked Carrot Cake Cheesecake (6)

A nutty coconut crust, creamy carrot cake cheeseless filling and a whipped vanilla dairy free cream topping…a carrot cake lovers alternative dessert bliss! If you’re not in to chocolate the perfect alternative Easter dessert has to be something carrot based…and these little cute mini carrot cake “cheesecakes” are just the ticket! They were inspired and […]

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