Finally official…chocolate soufflé omelet!


A thick fluffy pillowy chocolate soufflé omelet…a chocolate lovers dream! I’ve post this recipe on Instagram on more than one occasion and it always get’s full traction. I play around with the egg to egg white ratio a fair bit, the amount of cacao powder and the method of cooking. I thought I’d speed up […]

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Sweet Potato Egg Boats


A mighty baked sweet potato, sliced in half, filled with two large eggs and steamed to perfection; the key is in the method in order to end up with a gooey runny yolk and cooked egg whites! With high carb days now a weekly if not biweekly occurrence I’ve been looking for alternative ways to […]

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Brussel Sprout Fritters


Quick and easy Brussel sprout fritters…fried in coconut oil, cooked through in the oven and topped simply with some homemade foolproof mayo. A grab and go breakfast, beautiful base for brunch time poached eggs or a wonderful savoury nibble in the midst of the afternoon.   Brussels are back! Some of your from different shores […]

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Tuna Kale Caesar Salad


A thick creamy rich mayo free dressing, a mountain of shredded kale for it to dress, served with beautiful Irish caught tuna and semi soft boiled eggs. Deeeee…licious! I love a good salad…and by good salad I mean one far removed from your bog standard lettuce, tomato and onion, dressing on the side malarkey, the […]

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Paleo Savoury Cauliflower Cake


A mix between a cake, a frittata and a baked pancake?! It’s got structure, it’s soft and moist, just a little eggy, no crust but a bit of crunch right the way around the edges thanks to a liberal sprinkling of sesame seeds. Cauliflower used to be one of my favourite vegetables. These days I […]

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