Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bars


Next level protein bars!   Time and time again I come back to this now “classic recipe”… there is a little bit of effort involved and patience. You need to get your protein bar mix super thick and smooth and then press it down firmly into a tray to set for a few hours. Sliced […]

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Paleo Hazelnut Snickers


An almond cashew coconut nougat topped with a hazelnut caramel, chunky roast nuts, all coated in rich dark chocolate!!! Adult candy bar heaven! Ok so I’ve made a version of a Snickers bar before but it was more of a layered bar with a chocolate base rather than being coated in chocolate. Bounties, Twix Bars […]

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Double Chocolate Grain Free Protein Pancakes


Chocolate for breakfast is a given isn’t it?! It doesn’t have to be in Easter egg form, why not try some epic healthy grain free and protein rich pancakes complete with a hazelnut butter infused chocolate sauce. Thick, rich, dreamy…there’s no need to scrimp on it’s deliciousness! I’m a chocolate lover. Up until recently I […]

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Decadent Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles


Rich dark chocolate truffles that melt in the mouth…if they haven’t already done so in your finger tips! It might have taken three rounds of them but I finally got their in the end. The ingredients didn’t change all that much, it was all in the method. My chocolate mix kept freezing up and separating […]

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Hazelnut Truffles

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Truffles (18)

Soft chocolate nougat like centre with a crisp dark chocolate shell…altogether heavenly! So that chocolate hazelnut butter… It makes for some amazing truffles! It is that chocolate time of year, be it a gift to yourself, a friend, family member or significant other…   Or perhaps someone you have you’re eye on! I reckon these […]

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