Thai Chicken Summer Veg Noodle Curry


Summer veggies, chunks of organic chicken breast, butternut squash noodles served in  a rich curry sauce laced with fresh basil. This is my FAVOURITE curry. Quite a statement to make but I just love everything about it! The sauce is silky and smooth, thick enough to hold on tight to the chicken and vegetables, thin […]

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Fudgy Paleo Banana Chocolate Protein Popsicles


Cool creamy fudgy chocolate protein popsicles with perfectly dreamy meltability! The perfect post workout treat…protein, carbs, cold and creamy fudgy loveliness. When you don’t fancy whipping up a smoothie or shake having these on hand ready to grab and go is ideal! This was actually attempt number too having created an avocado banana free version […]

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Baked Paleo Nutty N’Granola Bars


Super nutty crunchy lightly chewy no granola bars! The perfect satisfying snack or mini meal replacer if you’re running out the door in a hurry. These bars are epic! These days when it comes to sweet treats I tend to stick with my protein bars. I honestly don’t crave sweetness…roast chicken on the other hand […]

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Mighty Mushroom Lemon Tahini Cauliflower Pizza


The perfect cauliflower crust topped with a mighty mingling of wild mushrooms, an oozy gooey crispy bottomed fried egg, a thick zingy tahini sauce and roasted toasted hazelnuts! DIVINE! A crowd pleasing success…this pizza is grain free, easily made nut free, dairy free, vegetarian friendly and if you decide to forgo the egg also suitable […]

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