Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bites


Chewy wholesome homemade chocolate almond butter protein bites! These little nuggets are a meal prep must, a sweet tooth craving saviour, and loved by kids and adults alike. You’ll kill many birds with one stone by whipping up a batch or two. You can add some mint extract if you fancy switching up the flavour […]

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Thin & Crispy Sweet Potato Paleo Pizza


A thin and crispy sweet potato pizza base, the perfect grain free paleo alternative, nut and coconut free to boot! My mission to create alternative ways to load up on sweet potato on my high carb days is not yet complete…in fact it’s pretty much never ending! Eating baked sweet potato on repeat just wasn’t […]

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High Protein Egg Curry


A rich cashew butter and whey protein infused easy peasy curry sauce served with hard boiled eggs and a side of white rice… This curry sauce is seriously awesome! I love finding alternative ways to use Pulsin’s awesome unsweetened and unflavoured whey protein isolate. Not that it’s a difficult task! The broccoli fritters went down […]

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Paleo Flax Coconut Flour Sandwich Bread


Doughy flax coconut flour sandwich bread, nut free, dairy free and quite simply awesome! Two bowls, one loaf tin and less than 5 minutes prep time. I’ve had a longing for some avocado toast and there was only one thing for it…bread baking! Thankfully before the element went in the oven AGAIN!!! I think I’m […]

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Tantalising Paleo Toffee Pops


From the pretty innocent to the completely virtuous and almost saintly, these toffee pops come with a number of options! All nut free, you can have a teeny bit of all natural unrefined raw honey, load them with some equally delectable Medjool dates or simply stick with stevia and keep the final product keto friendly. […]

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