Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes


Thick and truly cake like green monster protein pancakes!!!   These pancakes are positively mighty. Packed full of goodness, they pack a rounded nutritional punch. Plenty of protein, a nice amount of carbs with a small amount of fat. When I have a little more time on my hands I like my post workout meal […]

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Life changing Paleo Plantain Pancakes


When I say these pancakes are life changing I REALLY MEAN IT! Hands down the most delicious pancakes I’ve EVER eaten, paleo or not, these were truly epic! Super thick and fluffy, incredibly satisfying, owing to the starchiness of the plantain and so darn easy to make! These will definitely be on weekly rotation.   […]

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Double Chocolate Grain Free Protein Pancakes


Chocolate for breakfast is a given isn’t it?! It doesn’t have to be in Easter egg form, why not try some epic healthy grain free and protein rich pancakes complete with a hazelnut butter infused chocolate sauce. Thick, rich, dreamy…there’s no need to scrimp on it’s deliciousness! I’m a chocolate lover. Up until recently I […]

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Almond Joy Pea Protein Pancakes


Almond, coconut, chocolate…in pancake form given a super duper protein boost two times over, the perfect way to start the day when you’re just in need of a sweet treat! It might have taken 3-4 attempts…I kind of lost count as you do, but I finally perfected them! My favourite protein powder is Pulsin’s Whey […]

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