Simple Hazelnut Crusted Rainbow Sea Trout


A beautiful tasty super healthy meal ready in minutes! The key is having your hazelnuts pre roasted and skinned, not only saving you time but also giving you a deep rich toasted flavour to compliment the subtle yet distinct flaky fish which lies beneath.   You ever have one of those days when everything just […]

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Green Goddess Chimichurri Shrimp Bowl


All things green and beautiful… Sautéed shrimp with fresh chimichurri served with diced perfectly ripe and buttery avocado, chopped baby spinach, zucchini noodles, drizzled with a little garlic mayo dressing and sprinkled with toasted cashew nuts for a final fragrant crunch. Sometimes it’s the simplest meals that literally come together in minutes, no hassle, no […]

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An Alternative Tabbouleh

Cauliflower Lentil Tabbouleh (12)

I have the distinct urge to talk about the weather…it’s definitely an Irish thing. For once I’ll keep stum and allow the salad to shine instead. For some unknown reason so of the foods I loved and way more often than they should be forgotten. Lentils and hazelnuts are two of those which top the […]

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Tempeh me!

[donotprint] Aside from all the carb eating… (mentioned in my last WIAW post) I’ve also been balancing out with some supercharged protein Plant based but of course. Just shy of 20g per 100g serving, it rivals the highest of animal sources and can be flavoured, dressed up and cooked whatever way you fancy. I love […]

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Another win for Tempeh!

[donotprint] I’m seriously in head over heels in love with tempeh!!! Can’t get enough of it! Here’s the recent tempeh wonders (that I’ve posted! I’ve a few more to come!) Mushroom Tempeh Fricassee Sticky Orange Glazed Tempeh I spotted this amazing idea over on Brittany’s blog, the combination of sweet sticky pomegranate molasses, roasted eggplant […]

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