Gluten Free Vegan Waffles


It may have taken 5 or more attempts but I’m finally happy enough with this waffle recipe to share it! Crispy on the outside, doughy, almost bready in the middle, lightly sweet, with an optional protein boost.   When you do include the pea protein the batter will thicken up a bit and changes the […]

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Protein Squash Fritters


Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle. These fritters are a delightful appetiser, side or base for an awesome breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re also an incredible satisfying snack…I happen to love them topped with a little of Meridian’s seeded peanut butter.   When I have a veggie based meal I love adding a […]

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Protein Turmeric PB Salad Dressing


Creamy flavoursome protein loaded anti-inflammatory turmeric salad dressing with a hint of PB…because you can never have enough PB in your life!   I’m calling this a salad dressing but really you can use it to spruce up just about any meal. Now that I’m in bikini prep I do find myself towards simple nutrient […]

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Almond Joy Pea Protein Pancakes


Almond, coconut, chocolate…in pancake form given a super duper protein boost two times over, the perfect way to start the day when you’re just in need of a sweet treat! It might have taken 3-4 attempts…I kind of lost count as you do, but I finally perfected them! My favourite protein powder is Pulsin’s Whey […]

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Pea Protein Pancakes Take Two

So I’ve been on a pancake cooking mission. The pumpkin protein pancakes turned out so well I couldn’t let a pumpkin free version to rest until I cracked it. They needed to be just as plump, thick and fluffy as their pumpkin counterparts. A sub par pancake just wouldn’t do. I’m officially out of pea […]

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