Protein Squash Fritters


Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle. These fritters are a delightful appetiser, side or base for an awesome breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re also an incredible satisfying snack…I happen to love them topped with a little of Meridian’s seeded peanut butter.   When I have a veggie based meal I love adding a […]

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Protein Turmeric PB Salad Dressing


Creamy flavoursome protein loaded anti-inflammatory turmeric salad dressing with a hint of PB…because you can never have enough PB in your life!   I’m calling this a salad dressing but really you can use it to spruce up just about any meal. Now that I’m in bikini prep I do find myself towards simple nutrient […]

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Almond Joy Pea Protein Pancakes


Almond, coconut, chocolate…in pancake form given a super duper protein boost two times over, the perfect way to start the day when you’re just in need of a sweet treat! It might have taken 3-4 attempts…I kind of lost count as you do, but I finally perfected them! My favourite protein powder is Pulsin’s Whey […]

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Pea Protein Pancakes Take Two

So I’ve been on a pancake cooking mission. The pumpkin protein pancakes turned out so well I couldn’t let a pumpkin free version to rest until I cracked it. They needed to be just as plump, thick and fluffy as their pumpkin counterparts. A sub par pancake just wouldn’t do. I’m officially out of pea […]

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Almond flour loving!

I’ve been baking like it’s no bodies business…cookies, brownies….all a few times over in order to perfect the recipes. I’ve only just discovered the true wonders of almond meal (previously I would have only added a little for fear of overloading the calorie/fat content, but now I’m embracing it wholeheartedly!)  Another What I Ate Wednesday…the […]

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