Paleo Toad in the Hole


Light puffy baked batter, crispy round the edges, encasing succulent meaty sausages topped with sweet and sticky caramlised onions. With pancake Tuesday only around the corner I reckon this savoury baked alternative deserves a mention. I threw it together on a whim making a thicker batter than my previous savoury baked pancake. I reckon the […]

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Crockpot Kalua Pork with Fennel Remoulade


Smoky salted pork slow cooked until it falls apart with the nudge of knife served with creamy roasted fennel and caper remoulade! I LOVE slow cooked pork. It’s one of my favourite meats. My oven smoked pork was one the most delicious hunks of meat I’ve ever cooked; I was truly saddened when it was […]

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Maple Pork Tenderloin…Cold Cut!


Seared and simmered pork tenderloin, cooked in the one pan, the marinade reduces to a sweet sticky moreish glaze. Served cold, the thin slices are delicious with a quick brussel and hazelnut slaw and some crispy parsnip shoestring fries if you’ve a little more time on your hands! I LOVE me some cold meat! It […]

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Baked Barbecue Pork Ribs


Tender melt in the mouth, fall apart baked pork ribs lathered with homemade paleo friendly and whole 30 compliant barbecue sauce…aka one of the must have staples for all things dunkable! These ribs happened kind of accidently…I purchased a hunk of pork belly and when I went to take it home and stick it in […]

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Fig & Pork Ragout


Sweet and sticky caramalised balsamic pork and fresh figs served up on a bed of rutabaga noodles, a side of bursting cherry tomatoes, with a final sprinkle of fresh basil…summer in a bowl! Remember that smoked pulled pork shoulder?! It’s now officially gone! I had stashed away a fair amount of it in the freezer […]

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