PB & Jelly Protein Bars


Chewy, sweet, with a sticky glossy protein raspberry “icing” on top, these peanut butter protein bars are so incredibly satisfying. A protein bar with all of the flavour, a texture you’ll find hard to rival and none of the more questionable ingredients that you’d find on a packet!   I’m not usually a fan of […]

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When in doubt…make chocolate protein bars!


Chewy hunky cacao nib almond butter protein bars!!! INCREDIBLY satisfying, they’re the perfect post workout snack when you’re on the move! I’ve been in a bit of a recipe/food rut. I’ve been making, creating and baking, but nothing is really screaming at me. When I create something exciting I get those butterflies, the excitement of […]

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Fudgy Chocolate Berry Blast Paleo Protein Bars


A protein bar come meal replacement, these bars pack a punch on every level. The best tasting, best textured protein bar I’ve ever tasted, heck they’re up there with some of my best dessert recipes! Chewy fudgy naturally sweetened, altogether awesome! I can’t take credit for these beautiful bars. My cashew orange paleo protein ones […]

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Paleo Cashew Coconut & Orange Protein Bars


Paleo protein bars…lightly chewy, fudge like, low carb, whey free; a satisfying bite that you can throw together in a matter of minutes. A protein bar with super food ingredients I know and love.   You may or may not have seen my chocolate orange protein smoothie I posted over the weekend; having received a […]

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Protein Power!

As I mentioned earlier in the week I haven’t been using a whole lot of protein powder recently. Instead I’ve been opting for more protein rich foods…plenty of hummus, tempeh, tofu, hemp seeds, chia seeds, peanut butter…not exactly a hardship I went through a run of using Sunwarrior day in day out in smoothies, then […]

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