Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bites


Chewy wholesome homemade chocolate almond butter protein bites! These little nuggets are a meal prep must, a sweet tooth craving saviour, and loved by kids and adults alike. You’ll kill many birds with one stone by whipping up a batch or two. You can add some mint extract if you fancy switching up the flavour […]

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Single Serve Instant Oatmeal Protein Cookie


Baked in less than 2 minutes in the microwave, this is the whole food, naturally sweetened, warm gooey lightly chewy oatmeal protein cookie that you need in your life… Who doesn’t love a good soft warm gooey slightly chewy cookie?! I never really got the obsession with a crisper biscuit though we will make biscotti […]

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Sweet Potato Kale Chip Turkey Nachos


Who needs real deal nachos when you can have SUPER crunchy crispy sweet potato and kale chip nachos! Topped with my favourite smoky ground turkey taco meat and a drizzle of my protein “sour cream”…lip smackingly good! I eat ground turkey and roast turkey breast way more often that I should. I crave turkey like […]

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White Chocolate Vanilla Protein Bars


White chocolate fudgy buttery vanilla protein bars…sugar free, grain free, super low carb and loaded with over 27g of protein per bar!   Maybe I should rename the blog “Protein Palate ”…I seriously love coming up with new ways to create protein rich snacks and meals that satisfy, delight and support my quest to build […]

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Protein Cream “Cheese” Sweet Potato


Faux cream cheese made from a blend of cooked egg whites, stevia, whey protein and Coyo coconut yogurt!!! Seriously awesome and a mighty topping for my baked sweet potato of a high carb morning! The handiness of having a baked sweet potato or a mound of them in the fridge and freezer when it comes […]

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