Paleo Parsnip Latkes Chipotle Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict has to be one of the most luxurious breakfasts… Beautiful plump oozing poached eggs topped with homemade hollandaise, this time infused with chipotle paste, made all the more satisfying and altogether awesome with some leftover shredded pork.   Making your own hollandaise is not at all time consuming, it just requires you to […]

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Paleo Barbecue Sauce Pulled Pork Quesadilla


A quick simple quesadilla loaded with tender melt in the mouth pork laced with homemade barbecue sauce, topped with avocado and leftover slaw! A quesadilla that’s paleo friendly?! No it isn’t one of those recipes that calls itself paleo but somehow squeezes in some cheese just for the occasion! I kid you not I have […]

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Overnight Pork Shoulder with Crispy Crackling


Cooked for 10 hours this pork shoulder is so incredibly moist and tender it literally falls off the bone. Subtle flavours allow the flavour the meat to shine through, served with a simple fresh apple, mint and cabbages slaw and topped off with crispy crackling strips…it’s the meal that my dreams are made of!   […]

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Vietnamese Pulled Pork Salad


Pulled pork, shredded and thinly sliced crispy raw veggies all laced with a creamy cashew butter Chinese five spice infused hoisin dressing, topped off with roasted cashew nuts for a final fragrant crunch.   Leftover pulled pork was never given such a new lease of life! When I cooked the big piece of pork butt […]

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Pulled Pork Virgin No More


Soft moist tender slow cooked pork mixed with the most delicious barbecue sauce EVER with a roasted strawberry twist! Since I started eating meat again it’s been all go on the “trying new things” front. I’ve tried and liked meat, poultry and fish that I’d never liked and some I’d never even tried before. My […]

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