Paleo Breakfast Quesadillas

February 12, 2015

Super awesome breakfast quesadilla with sturdy flexible grain free tortilla wraps!! I’ve attempted making quesadilla’s paleo style more times than I care to remember. Some of them were almost there but the tortillas themselves never really won me over. I love me some coconut crepes and they make for great wraps for fajita’s but as […]

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Almond Butter Coconut Cream Chocolate Cups

February 10, 2015

Super cute chocolate cups filled with almond butter and topped with coconut cream, cacao nibs and toasted coconut…dreamy!!! Ok so admittedly I made these with Valentines in mind…though I claim to not be a fan of the holiday but really I’m just using it as an almighty excuse to make myself some more chocolate.   […]

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Green Goddess Chimichurri Shrimp Bowl

February 9, 2015

All things green and beautiful… Sautéed shrimp with fresh chimichurri served with diced perfectly ripe and buttery avocado, chopped baby spinach, zucchini noodles, drizzled with a little garlic mayo dressing and sprinkled with toasted cashew nuts for a final fragrant crunch. Sometimes it’s the simplest meals that literally come together in minutes, no hassle, no […]

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Moroccan Lamb Meatballs with Homemade Harissa

February 6, 2015

Juicy tender melt in the mouth lamb meatballs…two ways! Served on a bed of cauliflower rice or in a rich spicy tomato sauce with a poached egg on the side, both with homemade harissa and coconut yogurt. It’s been FAR too long since I made meatballs… I got a bit of a longing for them […]

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Raw Paleo Strawberry Cream Valentines Truffles

February 4, 2015

I couldn’t let Valentines go buy without a little chocolate action!!! Dreamy strawberry cream truffles covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with beautifully freeze dried strawberry dust for a final hit of prettiness!   I haven’t craved chocolate one bit over the last month of Whole 30…that said pure raw cacao paste has been eaten […]

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