Almond Butter Tandoori Cauliflower Bites

June 4, 2015

A quick and simple side, appetiser or any day of the week nibble. Roasted cauliflower laced with a rich creamy almond butter based tandoori sauce, sticky and crispy bits, mellow tender cauliflower in the middle; delicious with some coconut yogurt for dunking (homemade or coyo!) I’m a cauliflower lover through and through. More often than […]

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Toasted Coconut Paleo Samoa Bars

June 2, 2015

Triple layer toasted coconut caramel samoa bars…no baking required, just a little patience and whole lot of spoon licking during the process! Anyone stopping by from the US or Canada will most probably know what a Samoa cookie is…one of the classic girl scout offerings, recreated in all shapes and sizes by home cooks and […]

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Simple Summer Salmon Skewers

June 1, 2015

Salmon skewers with zucchini, lemon and paprika. A quick simple weeknight meal, deliciously fresh, prepared, grilled and ready to serve in 15 minutes idea of the ultimate in fast food. I had a bit of whirlwind of a week…so much so that I actually let recipe sharing/creating slide and wasn’t even prepared food wise. […]

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Chocolate Paleo Protein Fudgy Mug Cake

May 27, 2015

A chocolate cake with an added boost of protein, some straight up natural glucose for post training recovery, slightly under “baked” for a glorious fudgy slightly messy cup of pure awesomeness!   So feedback on the paleo protein? My body is loving it! I’ve been having 1-2 scoops every day religiously post workout either in […]

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Paleo Pistachio Dukkah Chicken Tenders

May 25, 2015

Chicken tenders made a little more grown up! A pistachio, coconut and seed crumb coating infused with cumin and coriander seeds. Fragrant, crunchy with incredible depth of toasty flavour. Chicken tenders/fingers are one of my favourite ways to spruce up a plain ole piece of chicken breast. I’m not a fan of the leaner cuts […]

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