Turkish Fried Egg Herbed Coyo Flatbread


Seriously awesome savoury breakfast…my favourite Coyo dairy free sugar free coconut yogurt infused with garlic and fresh herbs topped with a crispy bottomed fried egg, harissa, dukkah and some extra roast pistachios for good measure. The only breakfast I’ll give up my chocolate pancakes for! This incredible lip smackingly good flavour combination was inspired by […]

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Sweet Potato Kale Chip Turkey Nachos


Who needs real deal nachos when you can have SUPER crunchy crispy sweet potato and kale chip nachos! Topped with my favourite smoky ground turkey taco meat and a drizzle of my protein “sour cream”…lip smackingly good! I eat ground turkey and roast turkey breast way more often that I should. I crave turkey like […]

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Fudgy Paleo Chocolate Truffle Brownies


Super rich dark chocolate fudgy brownies with a monumental amount of chocolate chips and a chocolate truffle topping. DIVINE! These are dessert brownies…some slightly healthier versions I would consider to be snack material. If you make these with stevia you can keep them pretty low carb and actually all round they’re pretty darn healthy, they […]

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Chewy Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Fudge Squares


All the awesome goodness of a chewy crunchy granola bar made super duper awesome thanks to the addition of some chocolate chips and Medjool dates. The granola bar base is then taken to a whole other level thanks to a thick peanut butter fudge layer. One of my close friends professed that these were one […]

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Jumbo Sweet Potato Protein Rosti


Spiralized sweet potato bound with egg and a little protein powder fried up in coconut oil and topped with my protein cream “cheese”…quite the alternative breakfast! High carb day feels…a jumbo sweet potato protein rosti to switch things up from the usual pancakes. This was incredible. Naturally sweet, fried up in coconut oil it stayed […]

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