Paleo Raffaello…Coconut Vanilla Love Bombs


Cream vanilla coconut white chocolate centred truffles with a crisp almond, white chocolate and coconut shell…encasing one whole blanched almond!!! Truffle perfection! These are seriously divine!!! I used to be a BIG white chocolate lover. My sugar loving palate favoured the white truffles from the fancy pants box of homemade truffles my Dad bought my […]

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Almond Hazelnut Coconut Butter!!!


A trio of awesome toasty roasted flavours combine to form a super drippy nut butter with a coconut and hint of vanilla twist!!! I’ve lost track…this could be jar number 4 or 5 of this one and I’m only getting around to sharing it now! I kept thinking I had already only to find I’d […]

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White Chocolate Lemon Coconut Dreams


Zingy, creamy, coconutty…a fair few of my favourite things blended together, drizzled with dark chocolate, sprinkled with toasted coconut goodness, sitting pretty within a few hours ready to be devoured! I love a good chocolate dessert, fudge cake, brownie, mousse, I’ll take it whichever way it comes. Sometimes I do get a longing for something […]

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Before they disappear

[donotprint] Ok so I shall be bouncing around in blackberries hopefully for at least the next few weeks but raspberries and blueberries are not quite so abundant; those that are now hitting the shop shelves don’t hold the same summer sunshine filled deliciousness and they’re also about twice the price as their summer sisters! So […]

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