Caramel Cookie Crumble Squares

Caramel Oat Apple Squares (2)

Warm apple pie evokes so many childhood memories for me. It was my mums dessert, the pie she would bake for every family occasion. Made with crumbly buttery short crust pastry, tart stewed apples and served with vanilla ice cream…always ice cream, never cream. To this day I’m still not a cream fan. ICE CREAM […]

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Paleo Apple Cinnamon Pecan Crumble Pie


Tender cinnamon laced buttery sweet apples encased in thick nutty pecan crust and crumble topping! It’s been on my hit list for quite some time…but I’d been avoiding it out fear that it would go terribly wrong. I prefer to approach such recipes when I’ve had a run of success in the kitchen so if […]

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The nail on the head

[donotprint] I’ve made a couple of versions of apple pie overnight oats in my time, both of which were good, the second was better but this time round I really cracked it…I hit the nail on the head! My mum’s apple pie’s are deep dish filled to the brim with stewed apple. Sweet, tart, soft […]

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Enhancing a childhood favourite

[donotprint] My pancake post earlier on today featured a new buckwheat pancake idea which I delved in to in honour of Pancake Tuesday and one of my favourite childhood fillings. Like I mentioned earlier, Mum would whip up a batch of stewed apples of a Pancake Tuesday and have the cream or ice cream on […]

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Apple Pie Oats Made Better

[donotprint] They were good the first time round…but when I eventually got around to making a baked version I couldn’t help but feel the overnights were a little bit understated…there was a definite need for a little few nuts sprinkled on top and the apple element could have been so much better given a tad […]

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