Berry “Grain” Salad with Flax Coconut Wraps


A simple berry, cauliflower rice and spinach salad with an awesome sunflower seed butter dressing. Served up with a side of my favourite grain free wraps for scooping and encasing some of this salad’s loveliness! A salad that came about with a craving for berries, nut/seed butter and some greens…it worked a treat! Lots of […]

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Deep Dish Berry Crumble Pie


Deep dish mixed berry crumble pie…not at all the way momma used to make! A grain free almond flour pastry shell, buttery, crisp, with the subtle flavour of marzipan. Filled to the brim with berries galore, topped off with a nutty crumb.   I actually made this pie about a month back with every great […]

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Switching it up a little!

So it’s July! Is anyone else still in shock that it’s somehow July?!? So far this summer I’ve been making the most of… Outdoor running weather Summer fruits (apricots, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and peaches…) Smoothies and softserve! Overnight oats Fresh corn My new cherry pitter Looking forward to… Black mission figs Local fresh super duper […]

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Epic Crepes

[donotprint] I love my pancakes and I love them thick, fluffy, a little doughy and almost “cake” like. That said I get a longing for crepes every now and thing, packed full of delicious fruits and drizzled with my nut butter of choice. I usually end up making one mighty crepe which is probably a […]

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Filling up on pan–cakes

[donotprint] Last week was jam packed full of pancakes! Baked, pan flipped, a mixture of flours, nut butters and whole lot of berries and countless bananas. Of course I managed to fit in some more savoury eats in the latter half of my days, but the pancakes were really the star of the show. With […]

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