Blackberry Cheesecake Raw Brownies


Raw chewy chocolate brownie base topped with a creamy Coyo based vanilla “cheesecake” topping swirled with homemade blackberry jam! It’s officially blackberry picking season! Not that I’ll be partaking, I’ve had my fair share of purple stained finger tips and blackberry thorn bush scratches and scrapes, enough to last me a lifetime. I’ll quite happily […]

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Just like mum used to make

Lemon Buckwheat Crepes (29)

Paper thin crepes…just like mum used to make except dairy and gluten free with a lemony twist! My mum prides herself, always has and always will do, on her paper thin crepes. They didn’t appear all that often….pancake/shrove Tuesday and possibly one or two other random Saturdays over the course of the year as a […]

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Fruity Fig Pizza

Fig and Pear Pizza (14)

The fig, one of those fruits that can be so hit and miss. For me to enjoy them (and to pay the associated premium!) they have to be sweet, deep red inside and more often than not from Turkey. This time of year they’re perfect so I’m I indulged in a bag full and got […]

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Berry loaded

[donotprint] I think I can almost remember my first real muffin…well not the very first but I remember when they started to enter the household back when I was in my early teens. Cupcakes suddenly became meagre by comparison. Muffin baking was never really my mums thing. She was the cupcake/fairy cake queen and so […]

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Purple Monster

[donotprint] I had quite the angry tummy over the weekend which continued early in to the week. Too many large meals, not enough water and I’ve been overdoing the bananas which all adds up to a bloated heavy tummy. Smoothies are my go to when I feel like this. They instantly refresh, leave you feeling […]

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