Paleo Christmas Turkey Tacos


Super simple seasonal leftover turkey tacos!!! Apple pomegranate and mint salsa bestow a touch of liveliness to each mouthful! Leftovers day!!!! And boy do we have LOADS of them here! I bought a 21lb turkey and striped the carcass bare! The legs are my favourite so all that dark meat will be the first to […]

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Slow Cooker Beef Short Rib Chili


Comfort food at it’s finest!!! Slow cooked beef short ribs with a lip smackingly good rich spicy thick chili sauce infused with raw cacao…heaven in a bowl! Topped off with smashed avocado and “cashew sour cream” or a dollop of Coyo! I met one of the ladies who I consider to be one of my […]

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Paleo Cheesy Beef Nachos!!!


Chunks of leftover slow cooked beef atop crispy homemade wholesome nachos fried in coconut oil served with dairy free thick creamy cheese sauce, smashed avocado and a dollop of coconut yogurt!   Who doesn’t love nachos?! Meat, “cheese”, avocado, fresh crunchy veggies, if a little sparse and crunch chips…finger food at it’s best! The ultimate […]

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Seasonal Meatless Butternut Balls!

Butternut Pecan Meatballs (14)

I’ve been on a bit of a savoury kick lately amidst all the baking and dessert making! Last week as I perused bloglovin and caught up on some interesting posts I stumbled upon Kath’s Butternut Squash Meatballs. I was immediately inspired to create a veggie balls along similar lines. With the addition of course of […]

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Spicy Peanut Butter Drizzle

PB & Butternut Roasted Red Pepper Cauliflower Rice Bowl (16)

When you don’t feel like cooking anything complicated stick on the oven and roast some veggies. Grab your favourite nut butter (ideally 100% all natural, drippy, smooth…), a bowl and you’re pretty much good to go. Ok so there is a little chopping involved, tossing pre and during cooking and blitzing but you could always […]

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