Caramel Cookie Crumble Squares

Caramel Oat Apple Squares (2)

Warm apple pie evokes so many childhood memories for me. It was my mums dessert, the pie she would bake for every family occasion. Made with crumbly buttery short crust pastry, tart stewed apples and served with vanilla ice cream…always ice cream, never cream. To this day I’m still not a cream fan. ICE CREAM […]

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Mini Mocha Caramel Tarts


Mini mocha caramel hearts, hand crafted for the one you love on Valentine’s Day…or just a beautiful decadent optional extra for your own good self!   I’m not a massive one for Valentine’s Day. That is the nature of being single I guess. I definitely wouldn’t say no to someone sweeping me off my feet […]

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Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Cups


Chewy baked oatmeal cookie cups filled with a sweet coconut caramel sealed with a chocolate top! Before I give you my ultimate single serve microwave protein cookie recipe that you may have seen over on Instagram, I give you to my caramel oatmeal cookie cups. A perfectly balanced shareable batch of 12…or one for every […]

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Chocolate Orange Caramel Tarts


A chocolate coconut shell, rich sweet caramel, orange infused chocolate ganache and a chocolate coconut cream to top each one off!! Individual tart heaven! One final dessert option for Christmas? Sure why not! And if you already have something planned these would make for a perfectly pretty tantalising treat to ring in the New Year! […]

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Chocolate Pecan Squares & New Things I’m Trying


Dreamy chocolate caramel pecan squares…#lostforwords Seriously one of the best things I’ve ever made, hands down. My favourite nuts finally made in to the most awesome nut butter ever, whizzed up with powdered stevia and raw cacao powder for a clean sugar free drippy luscious healthified chocolate nut butter. My go to raw square base […]

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