Cashew Oat Protein Cookies


Dairy free and egg free these cookies are “buttery” melt in the mouth nuggets of deliciousness! Cookies and me have a love hate relationship. I’m a much bigger fan of “no bake” treats just because there is much less room for error! I’ve had my fair share of fails especially in the cookie department! What […]

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Paleo Hazelnut Snickers


An almond cashew coconut nougat topped with a hazelnut caramel, chunky roast nuts, all coated in rich dark chocolate!!! Adult candy bar heaven! Ok so I’ve made a version of a Snickers bar before but it was more of a layered bar with a chocolate base rather than being coated in chocolate. Bounties, Twix Bars […]

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Cookie Dough Layer Bars


A no bake cookie dough layer bar…three layers of nutty, creamy, sweet, fudgy deliciousness; not forgetting those chocolate chunks! I love me some cookie dough treats…my cookie dough protein bars are one of my all time favs and of course the nut free cookie dough bites! Like I mentioned on Monday, my savoury tooth has […]

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Hemp Seed Protein N’Oatmeal


Super thick and creamy high protein oat less grain and dairy free breakfast bowl!!! Just as I start getting in to my smoothie groove I get hit with a sudden longing for something a little more comforting…bring on the n’ oat breakfast bowl experimenting! I love all my previous versions…cauliflower, the coconut flour…but as luck […]

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Spicy Chipotle Noodle Salmon Salad


Lightly steamed sweet potato noodles that retain a little bit of their bite, laced with a creamy cashew butter based chipotle dressing topped with zingy spicy chipotle sockeye salmon!!!! Quite the feast!   I don’t do well on carbs. I don’t ever crave them and I have to make a conscious effort to incorporate them […]

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