Chewy Turtle Cookies


Pops of sweet sticky dates and chocolate chips encased in chewy grain free pecan and almond meal cookie mound. Possibly my favourite cookie of all time…and that is really saying something! I’ve officially made four batches of them…partly because I love them so much and also because I failed to take any snaps the first […]

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Ultimate Chocolate Chippers

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies (13)

One of two more cookie recipes that are too good not to share…just in time for New Years! Soft, chewy, crunchy in parts, melt in the mouth chocolate chip pistachio cookies…my ultimate cookie! I think I’ve possibly been eating just as many pistachios as awesome miss Ashley over @Edible Perspective! They’re by far my favourite […]

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Chocolate Pumpkin Quick Loaf

[donotprint] There is no point in delaying the sharing of this recipe any more! Ever since I mentioned it on Wednesday in my WIAW post I’ve been dying to share it and with only 2 slices left in the freezer I see another loaf being baked pretty darn soon! This was the second of two […]

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Of the veggie kind

[donotprint] With my chocolate craving in full swing over the weekend I attempted to curb it with a batch of new brownies. Fudgy, chocolate chip zucchini brownies to be more precise! Without a shadow of a doubt the best brownies I’ve ever made (until now) were the banana chocolate chip brownies. I didn’t think there […]

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

[donotprint] Not forgetting dessert! This smoothie is what I’m referring to, one which I would happily repeatedly consume over the course of the day! Some smoothies are refreshing, others revitalizing, some soothing and then there are those which are just positively dreamy! Chocolate and Cherries, it’s a combination I have professed to love on more […]

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