Paleo Apple Cinnamon Pecan Crumble Pie


Tender cinnamon laced buttery sweet apples encased in thick nutty pecan crust and crumble topping! It’s been on my hit list for quite some time…but I’d been avoiding it out fear that it would go terribly wrong. I prefer to approach such recipes when I’ve had a run of success in the kitchen so if […]

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Double Layer Grain Free Pumpkin Cake


Because it is the season….grain free double layer pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream “cheese” frosting.   I’m not the biggest cake fan…I love a good raw tart or “cheesecake”…I would usually make an exception only for chocolate cake but pumpkin now makes the short list! Similar to a carrot cake in consistency, light, not overly […]

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Deep Dish Caramel Apple Paleo “Cheesecake”


Creamy deep dish “cheesecake” topped with buttery soft cinnamon laced apples, coconut caramel and a pecan date crumble. Possibly one the best desserts I’ve ever made!? Chocolate desserts are what I’m drawn to, they’re what I want to make, eat, photo, share with the world! The exception being cheesecake…of the cheese-less variety!!! Of all the […]

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Carrot Fries Three Ways


Roasted Carrot Fries for every palate..sweet, spicy and plain straight up salted and savoury! Like I said…I’ve recently discovered carrots like I never knew them before. I simply can’t get enough and I’m literally eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes dessert or a sweet snack. By sweet I don’t mean the natural vegetable […]

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Paleo Donuts!


Baked donuts that don’t just taste like cake! Maple cinnamon donuts glazed with an almond butter caramel…100% awesome! Doughnuts or Donuts? I’m not sure which I have a preference for so I use them interchangeably…whichever one comes more naturally at any given moment to my fingertips.   I pretty much leaped for joy when my […]

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