Tantalising Paleo Toffee Pops


From the pretty innocent to the completely virtuous and almost saintly, these toffee pops come with a number of options! All nut free, you can have a teeny bit of all natural unrefined raw honey, load them with some equally delectable Medjool dates or simply stick with stevia and keep the final product keto friendly. […]

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Beef Skewers with Almond Coconut Satay Sauce


Juicy tender lightly cooked beef skewers with a drizzle of awesome lipsmackingly good curried almond coconut satay sauce. I love me some beef. Since Christmas I’ve been craving all things fish and red meat. Clearly my body just wants more protein…and I might have overdone the turkey consumption! I definitely notice the difference in terms […]

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Matcha White Chocolate Vanilla Truffles


Dreamy vanilla infused matcha dusted raw cacao truffles! Fat bombs in disguise…the alternative truffle! Adapted from the wonder Sonia’s recipe…I added in some raw cacao butter and having made them a few times over found a way to make them with a melted mix…It happened out of necessity as my hand mixer just wasn’t strong […]

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Super Seedy No Nut Coconut Chunk Bars


Dense chewy crumbly hella satisfying and loaded with super seedy goodness, laced with coconut, cacao nibs and just a hint of bee pollen topped off with a decadent bitter later of cacao…heaven in a bite! Quite the mouthful!!! Both my almond butter power bars and matcha nutola bars are staples in my house! I’ve also […]

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Fudgy Chocolate Berry Blast Paleo Protein Bars


A protein bar come meal replacement, these bars pack a punch on every level. The best tasting, best textured protein bar I’ve ever tasted, heck they’re up there with some of my best dessert recipes! Chewy fudgy naturally sweetened, altogether awesome! I can’t take credit for these beautiful bars. My cashew orange paleo protein ones […]

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