Protein Buckwheat Crepes & Food Intolerances


So I’ve made a few changes to my diet over the past number of weeks. I’m not 6 ish weeks post my second bikini competition and I’m all over the recipe testing, experimenting with new foods, flavours and just having a lot more flexibility in my diet. Food was getting a little bit monotonous and […]

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Oat Flour Crepes


Thin, flexible, skinny high protein oat crepes…my go to crepe recipe both on pancake Tuesday and every other day of the week!   These crepes are the bomb…and it’s not a term I use lightly! They are so incredibly easy to make with minimal ingredients and once you have a good non stick pan they […]

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Super Thin Grain Free Crepes


Super thin grain free crepes, supple, lightly sweet and the perfect paleo friendly alternative for Pancake Tuesday! In Ireland Pancake Tuesday more often than not involves crepes rather than pancakes. Crepes were the only homemade pancake I knew of growing up. Thick and more American style pancakes were the kind you bought in a packet […]

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Perfect Grain Free Protein Crepes


Soft supple grain free protein crepes…perfect for loading with you favourite sweet or savoury ingredients, fold em’, stack em’, roll em’…whatever you fancy! Folded up they also make for a beautiful egg yolk dunker as well as the perfect edible plate cleaner! It’s been one I’ve been trying to perfect for quite some time. I’ve […]

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Double Coconut Strawberries & Cream Crepes


Crepes…thin coconut flour crepes, filled with whipped lightly sweetened coconut cream, topped with sweet roasted strawberries and a drizzle of honey. Dessert or breakfast? Healthy enough for the latter, decadent enough for the more devilish. I might just add a drizzle of melted dark chocolate if i were to go down the dessert route. For […]

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