Caramel Cookie Crumble Squares

Caramel Oat Apple Squares (2)

Warm apple pie evokes so many childhood memories for me. It was my mums dessert, the pie she would bake for every family occasion. Made with crumbly buttery short crust pastry, tart stewed apples and served with vanilla ice cream…always ice cream, never cream. To this day I’m still not a cream fan. ICE CREAM […]

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Mince Pie Crumble Squares Made Paleo


A nutty biscuit like base, naturally sweetened mixed fruit filling, buttery frangipane and a thick rich crumbly topping…perfection in a spiced Christmas bite! I was a HUGE mince pie pan growing up and then developed a bit of a love hate relationship with them through the many years of eating turmoil. Like some people with […]

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Deep Dish Berry Crumble Pie


Deep dish mixed berry crumble pie…not at all the way momma used to make! A grain free almond flour pastry shell, buttery, crisp, with the subtle flavour of marzipan. Filled to the brim with berries galore, topped off with a nutty crumb.   I actually made this pie about a month back with every great […]

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Bursting with multi coloured plums

[donotprint] Plums are just incredible this time of year….they taste amazing, look beautiful and are also nice and cheap! Being a fruit fiend I’m of course making use of them at every given opportunity and saving myself a whole heap of money that I would have otherwise been splurging on overly priced berries! I picked […]

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