Thai Red Almond Butter Curry Sauce


A quick and simple SUPER delicious nutritious Thai red almond butter curry sauce…that pretty much goes with everything! I eat a heck of a lot of chicken, ground turkey and lean beef with a sprinkling of white fish on occasion and of course my much loved salmon. When I’m not recipe testing I tend to […]

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High Protein Egg Curry


A rich cashew butter and whey protein infused easy peasy curry sauce served with hard boiled eggs and a side of white rice… This curry sauce is seriously awesome! I love finding alternative ways to use Pulsin’s awesome unsweetened and unflavoured whey protein isolate. Not that it’s a difficult task! The broccoli fritters went down […]

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Thai Chicken Summer Veg Noodle Curry


Summer veggies, chunks of organic chicken breast, butternut squash noodles served in  a rich curry sauce laced with fresh basil. This is my FAVOURITE curry. Quite a statement to make but I just love everything about it! The sauce is silky and smooth, thick enough to hold on tight to the chicken and vegetables, thin […]

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Paleo Thai Squash Salmon Cakes


Easy peasy salmon cakes with squash!! Crispy round the edges, soft flaky and tender in the middle; a paleo friendly crowd pleaser for sure! Who doesn’t love a good fish cake!? Comforting, hassle free and economical cooking. Like with most things I tend to find something I like and then make it ten times over, […]

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Curried Cashew Crumbed Hake Fillets


Firm yet flaky slightly meaty hake, lightly coated with a cashew curried infused crumb, cooked to perfection!   This was my favourite savoury meal last week, hands down. I didn’t want it to end, devouring the two fillets in one sitting; I’d milled in to the sweet potato wedges straight from the oven post workout […]

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