Seared Sesame Tuna Steak


Super rare pan seared sesame coated tuna steak with avocado and grapefruit salsa. If tuna steak was cheaper I might be tempted to eat it every other day. I like canned tuna, I prefer salmon, but tuna steak is in whole other league of its own. I’d forgotten how incredible it is. Is it sad […]

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After all the fun and games

[donotprint] After the mass chocolate consumption yesterday (I didn’t partake in too much, though I did get an amazing gluten, dairy and wheat free egg from my Mum..the things she hunts down for me ) I ate a fair chunk but have plenty still reserved to curb my inevitable chocolate cravings during the week! Even […]

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A plate of pure beauty

[donotprint] Sometimes the simplest of ingredients, sliced and plated up beautifully can make for the most amazing meal. Avocado’s are still on my favourite foods of the moment list, I’m yet to tire of them and love finding new ways of dressing them up, giving them every chance to shine! The avocados and blood orange […]

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