Lemon Quinoa Crunch Cheesecake


Disclaimer right from the outset…this is a cheesecake, it has cheese in it, yes real dairy cheese and no I haven’t lost my mind! I used to be such a big cream cheese and Greek yogurt fan, long before I was vegan, paleo and dairy free. These days I follow a much more flexible dieting […]

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Lemon Coconut Cake!!!


Spongy lemon cake, sweet, light and airy with a delightful surprising fudginess bestowed by the soon to be not so secret ingredient… This ain’t like no other lemon coconut cake you’ve ever had before. Beautifully light and fluffy though not at all dry…it’s like a lemon cake with the consistency of a fudgy brownie…   […]

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Paleo Lemon Chocolate Swirl Tart


A delightful combination of chocolate and lemon, thick cashew creams layered and swirled to perfection. You get the best of both worlds, a truly crowd pleasing dessert. Chocolate at it’s best with a zingy freshness, complimented and held together beautifully in a baked crumbly coconut infused crust. I’ve always been more of a chocolate dessert […]

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Simple Hazelnut Crusted Rainbow Sea Trout


A beautiful tasty super healthy meal ready in minutes! The key is having your hazelnuts pre roasted and skinned, not only saving you time but also giving you a deep rich toasted flavour to compliment the subtle yet distinct flaky fish which lies beneath.   You ever have one of those days when everything just […]

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Sweet Savoury Salty Fresh Kale Egg Salad


Candied walnuts, a zingy lemon creamy cashew dressing, raw shredded kale, eggy wedges, buttery chunks of avocado with a hit of saltiness from the generous inclusion of capers. I’m on an egg kick..especially when they’re served up with avocado, greens and nuts. Pretty much this salad, sometimes with a little less effort, but it has […]

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