Paleo Flaked Tuna & Almond Salad


Super simple hella tasty tuna salad laced with soaked flaked almonds, paleo mayo & mustard dressing, fresh herbs and veggies, not forgetting olives for good measure. Served up in mini cucumber cups for prettiness as much as grab and runs snack sake. It’s another staple salad to add to the list! A week and half […]

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Chipotle Deviled Eggs Paleo Style


It’s all about the swirl!!! Deviled eggs made paleo with homemade paleo mayo spiked with chipotle paste and dusted with paprika. A simple snack, appetiser/nibble, a fantastic addition to any brunch or party table. Deviled eggs are not exactly common in Ireland. They’re seen as a bit retro and largely they’ve never been heard of. […]

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Creamy Paleo Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad


Because all salads taste more awesome with homemade paleo friendly mayo… Shredded leftover chicken thigh meat, crisp pancetta, luscious ripe super green avocado, a whole load of mayo, a little mustard for a hint of a kick, olives, pecans and cool cucumber to freshen the whole thing up.   I love a good salad…but when […]

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Hazelnut Crusted Salmon Cakes


Super speedy salmon fish cakes with a toastie hazelnut crumb! Melt in the mouth deliciousness… I’ve been switching between cooking big pieces of meat to get me through the week, and super handy speedy meals with leftovers and cheaper alternatives like canned salmon. The tuna pistachio fish cakes were so incredibly handy and tasty that […]

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Cold Pork Roast…Waldorf Revitalised!


Beautiful pork roast with an apricot, mustard and thyme paste…the perfect topping for a crisp Autumn Waldorf salad! I LOVE pork! Up until last week I’d only tried pork bacon, pork belly and of course pork tenderloin…ok so quite a lot of pork! But I’d never cooked a large piece of pork. Whenever I’ve made […]

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