Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bars


Next level protein bars!   Time and time again I come back to this now “classic recipe”… there is a little bit of effort involved and patience. You need to get your protein bar mix super thick and smooth and then press it down firmly into a tray to set for a few hours. Sliced […]

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Chocolate Pecan Squares & New Things I’m Trying


Dreamy chocolate caramel pecan squares…#lostforwords Seriously one of the best things I’ve ever made, hands down. My favourite nuts finally made in to the most awesome nut butter ever, whizzed up with powdered stevia and raw cacao powder for a clean sugar free drippy luscious healthified chocolate nut butter. My go to raw square base […]

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Paleo Nutella Swirl Squares


Creamy nutella “cheesecake” squares. A white and dark chocolate hazelnut lovers dream dessert. These are on my favourites…it’s official! I made two batches. The first simply three layers of flavour, the second and swirl and mingling extravaganza that made them all the more pretty for the eyes and a little hunkier. I actually used more […]

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