Prawn and Rice Fish Cakes


These prawn and rice fish cakes are almost too simple to make…blend, mix, fry, eat…with minimal ingredients! So tasty and a super duper alternative way to load up on the carbs! I love me a good fish cake….but until now I’ve kept them grain free. On my high carb days (yes it’s now plural) I […]

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Fat Fueled – Take Charge of Your Health


My beautiful inspiring friend from Canada recently launched in latest downloadable book complete with it’s supporting meal plan, designed to encourage and support all those seeking a new alternative route to health and fulfillment… Fat Fueled! It might sound like it offers more than can be delivered but the book was created based on her […]

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Real Food…The Healthy Convenient Options

I commonly refer to “whole food” goodness in my recipe posts and tweets. The definition of what whole food is far from concrete with thousands of different interpretations based on individual preference and ideals. To me whole food is… “Food that has been minimally processed, maintains it’s inherent nutritional goodness, free from artificial ingredients.” The […]

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Nutrition in Balance

Being vegan, gluten free 99% of time and focusing on whole, real foods, I still make the odd nutritional compromise here and there for food pleasures sake. I remember when indulging in food for indulgence sake just wasn’t an option for me. It would lead to an out of control binge and purging cycle. For […]

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