Mighty Paleo Rocky Road


Naturally sweetened with coconut butter, cashew butter and vanilla, this rich dark chocolate “rocky road” has heaps of flavour, a beautiful crunch, and a sweet pop of chew from the freeze dried fruit! Of all the things I make the likes of this rocky road is the most appealing to me. I LOVE chocolate, and […]

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Matcha Sugar Free “Nutola”


Grain free matcha laced, sugar free, vanilla kissed, “nutola”…all of my favourite nuts and ample coconut flakes, a wonderous concoction for nibbling on any time of the day. I’m not a breakfast cereal kind of person. For years it was all I ever ate for breakfast…two Weetabix with low fat milk, a drizzle at that, […]

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Mint Matcha Nanaimo Bars


Minty Matcha Nanaimo bars…quite the alternative take on the classic, truly epic! I couldn’t decided during the week whether or not I wanted to make…mint layer bars, raw carrot cake bites, or no nut raw blondies… The majority vote was actually for the blondies having sent out a general message to friends/family. My number one […]

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Paleo Pistachio Dukkah Chicken Tenders


Chicken tenders made a little more grown up! A pistachio, coconut and seed crumb coating infused with cumin and coriander seeds. Fragrant, crunchy with incredible depth of toasty flavour. Chicken tenders/fingers are one of my favourite ways to spruce up a plain ole piece of chicken breast. I’m not a fan of the leaner cuts […]

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No Bake Matcha Green Tea Nutola Bars


A trio of nut bounds with drippy smooth nut butter, dreamy coconut oil and luscious raw cacao butter. A crunchy satisfying grain free treat with the magical unique naturally sweet taste of matcha, also bestowing quite the funky beautiful bright green colour to this alluring bars!   Sweetened with nothing more than dates, these bars […]

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