Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes


Thick and truly cake like green monster protein pancakes!!!   These pancakes are positively mighty. Packed full of goodness, they pack a rounded nutritional punch. Plenty of protein, a nice amount of carbs with a small amount of fat. When I have a little more time on my hands I like my post workout meal […]

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Super Thick and Fluffy Banana Chocolate Protein Pancakes


Thick and fluffy chocolaty naturally sweetened banana pancakes made with whey protein and oat flour…truly wondrous!   These were quite the recipe success…if I do say so myself! Thick and fluffy whey protein pancakes with a nice amount of carbs from the oats and banana, these thick and fluffy wonders make for the perfect post […]

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Double Chocolate Grain Free Protein Pancakes


Chocolate for breakfast is a given isn’t it?! It doesn’t have to be in Easter egg form, why not try some epic healthy grain free and protein rich pancakes complete with a hazelnut butter infused chocolate sauce. Thick, rich, dreamy…there’s no need to scrimp on it’s deliciousness! I’m a chocolate lover. Up until recently I […]

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Pea Protein Pancakes Take Two

So I’ve been on a pancake cooking mission. The pumpkin protein pancakes turned out so well I couldn’t let a pumpkin free version to rest until I cracked it. They needed to be just as plump, thick and fluffy as their pumpkin counterparts. A sub par pancake just wouldn’t do. I’m officially out of pea […]

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A huge weight off my shoulders

[donotprint] I’ve started reading again! And not just text books which I actually haven’t been doing any enough of of late! For once I’m not stressing about it, in fact I find myself stressing a hell of lot less these days. I’ve gotten in to a nice routine, I feel like I’m making the most […]

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