Zingy Creamy Coconut Lemon Cheesecake


A super luscious zingy lemon cheesecake with a thick coconut baked grain free biscuit base and a generous spoonful of fresh lemon curd atop each slice. A dairy free cheesecake dream that actually was mistaken for a cheese laden cake by someone who usually partakes in the the real deal; an Italian no less! Lemon […]

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Raw Carrot Cake Bites


A raw take on the most popular recipe on the site…walnut, coconut, date and carrot base loaded with the classic carrot cake spices, topped with a creamy silky dreamy maple orange cashew frosting! My two tier carrot cake is pretty much the most popular recipe on the site. It surprises me because of all the […]

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Mint Matcha Nanaimo Bars


Minty Matcha Nanaimo bars…quite the alternative take on the classic, truly epic! I couldn’t decided during the week whether or not I wanted to make…mint layer bars, raw carrot cake bites, or no nut raw blondies… The majority vote was actually for the blondies having sent out a general message to friends/family. My number one […]

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Almond Butter Toasted Nut No Bake Power Bars


Crunchy toasted nut bars laced with almond butter, bound with flax and chia seeds and held tight thanks to a date, coconut oil and cacao butter medley! These bars were truly sensational…and I’ll admit from the outset that I didn’t share. I ate all eight of them singly handedly over a couple of weeks. The […]

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Raw Paleo Strawberry Cream Valentines Truffles


I couldn’t let Valentines go buy without a little chocolate action!!! Dreamy strawberry cream truffles covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with beautifully freeze dried strawberry dust for a final hit of prettiness!   I haven’t craved chocolate one bit over the last month of Whole 30…that said pure raw cacao paste has been eaten […]

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