Thai Red Almond Butter Curry Sauce


A quick and simple SUPER delicious nutritious Thai red almond butter curry sauce…that pretty much goes with everything! I eat a heck of a lot of chicken, ground turkey and lean beef with a sprinkling of white fish on occasion and of course my much loved salmon. When I’m not recipe testing I tend to […]

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Almond Hazelnut Coconut Butter!!!


A trio of awesome toasty roasted flavours combine to form a super drippy nut butter with a coconut and hint of vanilla twist!!! I’ve lost track…this could be jar number 4 or 5 of this one and I’m only getting around to sharing it now! I kept thinking I had already only to find I’d […]

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Savoury but sweet

[donotprint] Simple, quick, speedy meals are were it’s at right now! When the sun shines I like to try and make it out for a little wander in the evening sunshine and if it’s goana happen cooking needs to be kept to a minimum. Cooking…to a minimum….they don’t really go together for me! I get […]

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Succumbing to suggestion

[donotprint] I’m a pizza fan through and through. If I was to ever succumb to take away food in the past it would have been pizza. The lack of vegan friendly topping options do little to tempt me these days but I’m quite partial to the occasional homemade pizza. I stick with my trust spelt […]

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