Peachy’s Tropical Tuna Poke Bowl


Hands down my favourite savoury meal of the moment. So fresh and vibrant both in colour and in taste, I just love the beautiful rainbow of colours and intense flavours and textures. Raw veggies, fluffy rice, melt in the mouth tuna, buttery avocado, a little hit of sharpness from the sauerkraut, sweet juicy mango and […]

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Fig & Pork Ragout


Sweet and sticky caramalised balsamic pork and fresh figs served up on a bed of rutabaga noodles, a side of bursting cherry tomatoes, with a final sprinkle of fresh basil…summer in a bowl! Remember that smoked pulled pork shoulder?! It’s now officially gone! I had stashed away a fair amount of it in the freezer […]

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Salmon Broccoli Romesco Noodles


A simple salmon supper…zucchini noodles, flaked darnes of salmon, steamed long stem broccoli and a generous drizzling of romesco sauce. Super tasty, incredibly satisfying. I’m on huge salmon kick of late…I just can’t get enough of it! I could literally eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…smoked, gravlax, teriyaki style…or simple grilled salmon flaked over […]

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Juicy Lamb Burgers & Eggplant Chips


Tender juicy lamb burgers, topped with a quick and easy romesco sauce, mint and coriander pesto and slow baked crispy eggplant chips! A burger can either be the most amazing lipsmackingly good mound of meaty goodness or well…just dry and dismal. I have made a few of the latter in the past…and managed to salvage […]

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Mighty Nutty Spicy Fish Tacos!


Just like the title says….mighty nut crumbed fish with a spicy layer in between served up in coconut flour “tacos” with a beautiful zingy fresh pomegranate and blood orange salsa and of course a mound of avocado to make a meal of it! It was so nice to get back in the kitchen over the […]

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