Better Butterfingers


A pumpkin no nut twist on the classic bar…I’m saying they’re going to taste like the classic but they were born out of desire to create a fun alternative homemade candy bar that would be kid and lunchbox friendly! Ok so I’m from Ireland, in Dublin we don’t have Butterfingers. They fall in to the […]

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Salmon Gravlax


Cold cured salmon with a mixture of salt, sugar, herbs and spices. It couldn’t be easier or more foolproof nor more hassle free to prepare. One of my favourite ways to prepare and enjoy salmon, so much more economical than buying it in the shops! I love salmon…smoked, canned, in the form of fish cakes, […]

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Chewy Chocolate Crunch Hemp Protein Bars


Chewy no bake chocolate crunch hemp protein bars…a satisfying nibble pre or post workout, a handy snack when on the move or healthy treat to knock out any chocolate craving in one fell swoop.   Having not done a whole lot of cooking, treat making or baking over Christmas and in to the new year […]

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No oven…Raw Beet Super Crunch Protein Salad!


Super crunch raw beet protein salad…veggie and vegan friendly while at the same time paleo this salad satisfies on all counts. Detoxifying, satisfying, tummy loving, with lots of crunch and heaps of flavour. Raw beets never tasted so darn good! So only last week I’d said I wouldn’t hop on the detox bandwagon. I’m still […]

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No cook meatless meatballs

I love a good meatball…..a meatless one of course. The most recent of which were the lentil and mushroom ones…delicious! As I mentioned on Wednesday I’ve been on a bit of a raw kick of late and these were top of my list to recreate. I’m not sure I could choose one over the other, […]

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