Peachy’s Tropical Tuna Poke Bowl


Hands down my favourite savoury meal of the moment. So fresh and vibrant both in colour and in taste, I just love the beautiful rainbow of colours and intense flavours and textures. Raw veggies, fluffy rice, melt in the mouth tuna, buttery avocado, a little hit of sharpness from the sauerkraut, sweet juicy mango and […]

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Tuna Salad Mini Stuffed Peppers


Little mini bell peppers, lightly roasted and filled with a creamy dairy free tuna salad! Fresh, light and satisfying, these are perfect for a light lunch, snack or served up as an alternative side or appetiser! I never used to be a big fan of tuna, tuna steak being the exception. That was until I […]

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Simple Mediterranean Tuna Salad & Cauliflower Bread


My favourite Irish caught tuna served with some fresh veggies, hard boiled egg and piled high on a slab of cauliflower flat “bread”!!! Truly scrumptious! Just one more reason to love cauliflower…a super simple pan baked flat bread. Ok so it’s not what I would call a direct swap or instant substitution for your standard […]

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Tuna Kale Caesar Salad


A thick creamy rich mayo free dressing, a mountain of shredded kale for it to dress, served with beautiful Irish caught tuna and semi soft boiled eggs. Deeeee…licious! I love a good salad…and by good salad I mean one far removed from your bog standard lettuce, tomato and onion, dressing on the side malarkey, the […]

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Paleo Flaked Tuna & Almond Salad


Super simple hella tasty tuna salad laced with soaked flaked almonds, paleo mayo & mustard dressing, fresh herbs and veggies, not forgetting olives for good measure. Served up in mini cucumber cups for prettiness as much as grab and runs snack sake. It’s another staple salad to add to the list! A week and half […]

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