Mini Mince Pie Cookie Cups


These are just so darn cute! My friend, a mince pie lover, actually said these were the best mince pies he had ever had, and they’re not even truly mince pies. They do however rival the best of them!   A delicious mince pie filling thanks to a special surprise delivery from Meridian Foods. I […]

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Creamy Baked Paleo Carrot Cake Cheesecakes

Mini Baked Carrot Cake Cheesecake (6)

A nutty coconut crust, creamy carrot cake cheeseless filling and a whipped vanilla dairy free cream topping…a carrot cake lovers alternative dessert bliss! If you’re not in to chocolate the perfect alternative Easter dessert has to be something carrot based…and these little cute mini carrot cake “cheesecakes” are just the ticket! They were inspired and […]

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Raw Carrot Cake Bites


A raw take on the most popular recipe on the site…walnut, coconut, date and carrot base loaded with the classic carrot cake spices, topped with a creamy silky dreamy maple orange cashew frosting! My two tier carrot cake is pretty much the most popular recipe on the site. It surprises me because of all the […]

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Pork Roast Fennel and Olive Quiche


A walnut and pecan crusted quiche with leftover smoked pulled pork, roast fennel and and olives…incredible combination…breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted for 2 days straight! It’s been WAY too long since I made a quiche…in fact that chicken pesto and slow roasted tomato one was the last time I whipped one up. I got a […]

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Mighty Nutty Spicy Fish Tacos!


Just like the title says….mighty nut crumbed fish with a spicy layer in between served up in coconut flour “tacos” with a beautiful zingy fresh pomegranate and blood orange salsa and of course a mound of avocado to make a meal of it! It was so nice to get back in the kitchen over the […]

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