Cashew Oat Protein Cookies


Dairy free and egg free these cookies are “buttery” melt in the mouth nuggets of deliciousness! Cookies and me have a love hate relationship. I’m a much bigger fan of “no bake” treats just because there is much less room for error! I’ve had my fair share of fails especially in the cookie department! What […]

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Dreamy Almond Butter Cream Pie


Creamy almond butter coconut cream might look fudgy but it’s incredibly light, luscious and sweet enough to quash any sugar craving, whole food rich, beautifully satisfying!   Appearances can be deceiving! Granted I have now made this pie, or versions of it, three times over. The first was far too dense, the second a […]

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Raw Paleo Tiramisu


Creamy rich luscious no bake dairy free tiramisu laced with brandy and two layers of crunchy crumbly sweet hazelnut and pecan crumbs! I’ve started drinking coffee…after what seems like forever but in reality is probably closer to 5 years. It’s been a long 5 years! I gave it up because I was drinking WAY too […]

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Paleo Chocolate Truffle Tart


Deeply rich indulgent chocolate truffle tart encased in a coconut nutty crust topped off with a sweet white chocolate drizzle. It feels like a lifetime ago that I made this! The slice I had stashed in the freezer for a rainy day has long been retrieved, each and every morsel savoured until the last bite. […]

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Almond Butter Loving…Ice Cream!


Three of my favourite flavours combined…chocolate, almond and coconut in ice cream form! Creamy, luscious, with chewy fudgy sugar free chocolate chunks! I love a good vanilla ice cream…but I am all about my mix ins these days. Toasted nuts, coconut…a little goes a long way, a lot makes for an epic scoop! I’ve been […]

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