Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bites


Chewy wholesome homemade chocolate almond butter protein bites! These little nuggets are a meal prep must, a sweet tooth craving saviour, and loved by kids and adults alike. You’ll kill many birds with one stone by whipping up a batch or two. You can add some mint extract if you fancy switching up the flavour […]

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Single Serve Instant Oatmeal Protein Cookie


Baked in less than 2 minutes in the microwave, this is the whole food, naturally sweetened, warm gooey lightly chewy oatmeal protein cookie that you need in your life… Who doesn’t love a good soft warm gooey slightly chewy cookie?! I never really got the obsession with a crisper biscuit though we will make biscotti […]

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Cookie Dough Protein Bars


Melt in the mouth lightly chewy fudgy cookie dough protein bars…all of the awesomeness of my favourite protein bar and then some! I’ve as a clean a diet and lifestyle as they come. I’m a times likely perceived to be a little to strict about it but in all honesty eating the way I do […]

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Almond Butter Toasted Nut No Bake Power Bars


Crunchy toasted nut bars laced with almond butter, bound with flax and chia seeds and held tight thanks to a date, coconut oil and cacao butter medley! These bars were truly sensational…and I’ll admit from the outset that I didn’t share. I ate all eight of them singly handedly over a couple of weeks. The […]

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Can’t Beet These Chips!


My all time favourite baked chips…sweet beet chips, crispy delicious goodness that I find it as hard as chocolate to stop eating!!! I’m not the biggest of beet fans. Don’t get me wrong I do like them but they wouldn’t be up there as one of my favourite vegetables. At least when it comes to […]

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